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Actor Sean Astin Tells U- Idaho Students: “Live a Determined Life”

Actor Sean Astin Tells U- Idaho Students: “Live a Determined Life”

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The actor Sean Astin used his film roles as life examples when speaking to students at the University of Idaho today. Astin spoke at convocation ceremonies opening the new academic semester. Glenn Mosley reports. (1:00)

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The actor is well- known for his roles in productions such as The Goonies, Rudy, and the Lord of the Rings films, and he says the films have great messages for audiences:

Sean Astin: “For Goonies, it’s curiosity and a spirit of adventure, for Rudy it’s knowing to dream and living a determined life, and for Lord of the Rings, there are so many you can choose from, but for the character I encourage them to think about loyalty, and friendship, and decency.”

Astin said he hopes his message reinforces the excitement the students are feeling about being at college. He encouraged the students to challenge themselves, and to exceed the expectations that others have set for them.  

The actor says he has always felt a responsibility to be engaged in world affairs, and he knows that with his celebrity, he has an opportunity to speak and reach audiences with these messages.

He’s currently being seen in the FX television series The Strain.

I’m Glenn Mosley.

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Study Says Forests Recover Quickly from Wildland Fires

Lodgepole pine forests recover within a hundred years following severe wildfires, according to a study led by University of Idaho researchers in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley reports. (1:25 )

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It’s been another busy and dangerous wildfire season throughout western states. Fires large and small have burned property and homes, kept smokejumpers and firefighters on the job, and killed acres of trees.

Understandably, that’s what people respond to. But scientists say that it’s different for the forests themselves. What may be a unique event on the human time scale may not be that unique in the life of a forest.

Take, as one example, the 1988 fires at Yellowstone National Park:

Phillip Higuera: “Scientists studied the heck out of that.”

Phillip Higuera is an assistant professor in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho:

Phillip Higuera: “We’ve done lots of studies that looked at how forests come back. If we zoom out, and look at the last several hundred years, we know that those events happen every few centuries. The further you zoom out, the less unusual they become.”

Higuera is co-author of the new three-year study done by researchers at the UI, Kansas State University, and the University of Colorado. The study documented the occurrence and ecological impacts of wildfires over the past 4,200 years.

The research showed that lodgepole pine forests can repeatedly recover from wildfires. It’s hoped the research will further our understanding of the impacts of naturally occurring wildfires, and provide more information for policy makers.

I’m Glenn Mosley.

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Otter: We Will Continue To Tell Our Story

With fewer than 100 days until the general election, the latest polling in the Idaho governor’s race shows incumbent Republican Butch Otter in the lead. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley spoke to Governor Otter on Friday in Coeur d’Alene. (1:10)


A July poll by CBS News and The NY Times has Governor Otter in front by 22 points; the latest Rasmussen poll has him leading by 14 points. RealClearPolitics averages that lead out to 18 points.

However, Otter says a lot of things can change in just a couple of days during an election, and so he’s not going to slow down now:

Butch Otter: “It’s to continue to tell our story, is to continue to outline where Idaho has been during the rough times, and where we’ve brought it with our leadership in our partnership with the state legislature, that we have brought it to a brighter, a much brighter day.”


(Photo courtesy Otter for Idaho campaign)

The Governor was in Coeur d’Alene to talk to the Rotary Club meeting held at the Coeur d’Alene Resort.  In the next couple of weeks he will be in Gooding and Caldwell and at the Bear Lake Fair, among other stops, where he says he enjoys talking to people individually and answering their questions.

In talking about education, Otter says he’ll remind voters that the state is on track with its five year education plan; in terms of the economy, he says what companies and investment want is stability and predictability, that they’ve seen that from him in the past, and that they can expect to see that from him that in the future.

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