Lewis Clark State College Pushes ‘Work College’ Initiative

Lewis Clark State College is asking state lawmakers to fund a ‘Work College’ trial program in which students work at a job at the college in exchange for tuition costs and a stipend. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley has more. (1:15 )

Listen here:

LCSC President Tony Fernandez says this proposal is not a work study program, but instead a new idea for Idaho. He told members of the state’s Joint Finance Appropriations Committee this week that under this program, the student would hold a regular job at the college for ten hours a week, ten months a year:

Tony Fernandez:  “We think that LCSC is ideally suited for this approach in Idaho. We have the lowest student cost among the four year institutions, we have the leanest staffing, we can definitely put these students to good use. And, we will piggy back on our existing AmeriCorps experiences, student learning, work, and service.”


(Graphic courtesy Lewis Clark State College)

Fernandez told lawmakers that the program would benefit students in a number of ways, including graduating with less student debt and with more mentoring from work supervisors as they gain real work experience.

LCSC has been studying the idea for the past couple of years, and officials say it has been validated at seven other colleges under a ‘Work Colleges Consortium.’

LCSC is asking for $209,000 to fund a four year trial run for twenty students. If funded by the state legislature, the program would get underway in the new fiscal year.

I’m Glenn Mosley reporting.

On the web:

Work Colleges Consortium


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Posted January 29, 2015


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