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WSU Reviewing Student Conduct Review Process

A Whitman County Superior Court judge has granted an immediate stay of the suspension of Washington State University football player Robert Barber. The university says it will continue its review of its Student Conduct Review process. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley reports. (:55 )

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Soon after the judge announced the stay of the suspension, the university released a statement from President Kirk Schulz saying the university respects the decision and that Robert Barber would be reinstated immediately as a student in good academic standing at WSU.

Schulz says the university will move forward with the external review of its student conduct process that started October 28. Schulz is heard here discussing that review process during a contentious Board of Regents meeting on Nov 4:

Kirk Schulz: “I concur that we should review our processes and make sure we have nationally recognized best in-class policies and procedures for student conduct procedures at WSU.”

It was at the Nov 4th meeting that Regents were asked during sometimes angry public testimony to reinstate Barber, but the board took no action. Barber had been suspended following an off-campus incident this summer.

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Link to WSU Statement of November 16, 2016:

WSU President Kirk Schulz on Barber court reinstatement

Posted November 16, 2016





Anti-Trump Protest in Moscow is Peaceful

A protest against the election of Donald Trump was held in Moscow Saturday. It was peaceful. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley reports. (:55)

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Since the November 8th general election, protesters have taken to the streets in several American cities and on some college campuses. Portland police said 71 people were arrested Saturday at an anti-Trump demonstration there.

There was no such trouble at an anti-Trump rally in Moscow, Idaho Saturday, where a large crowd of people from around the Palouse gathered in Moscow’s Friendship Square and heard protests like this one:

Speaker: “What I can really say is how my heart hurts. Never have I seen people more fearful, or terrified, or scared.”

People said they had been frightened by statements made by the President-Elect during the campaign. There were calls to action to support each other.

Police were present but there was no trouble. Food was collected for a local food bank.

Earlier in the week there had also been a protest held at nearby Washington State University. No trouble there, either.

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Posted November 13, 2016