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Juan Williams Makes Return Visit to LCSC

Journalist and political analyst Juan Williams was at Lewis-Clark State College May 12 to deliver the commencement address to the record 851 students graduating from the college. He spoke to reporters that afternoon. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley reports. (:57)


This isn’t the first time Juan Williams has visited LCSC– he also spoke at the college’s commencement back in 1994. Friday, he said it was great to be out of the Washington, D.C. echo chamber to speak to this year’s graduates.

Williams says that wherever he goes, people are talking about the Trump Administration as if it’s a reality TV show:

Juan Williams: “I find it telling, though, that it’s not just that they’re fascinated in a positive sense, but there’s a sense of urgency, of concern that I don’t think we’ve seen about American politics. People have a sense that things are a little bit out of control.”

The Fox News analyst and author said that in his view, things go in cycles, and that there’s an increasingly large group of people  who don’t identify with the extremes, but want to identify as well-meaning folks in the middle, struggling to do what’s right. Williams says the politician who finds language that resonates with that group is going to do very well in the future.

I’m Glenn Mosley.

Posted May 12, 2017



Kempthorne To Receive Honorary Degree From UI

Former Idaho Governor and U.S. Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne will receive an honorary degree this Saturday from the University of Idaho. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley reports. (:53)


In September 2005, Dirk Kempthorne, then Governor of Idaho, stood next to what was, at that time, a new classroom facility at the University of Idaho in Moscow called the Teaching and Learning Center. He said in an interview that when his initiative to build a new building on each college campus in the state was first suggested, he was told the proposal was dead on arrival.

“I am here today,” he said on that September day in 2005, “At this dedication, to tell you life was given to that.”


(Photo: The Teaching and Learning Center at the University of Idaho in Moscow, May 11, 2017)

In his 23 years in public service, The 1975 UI graduate also served as U.S. Secretary of the Interior, as mayor of Boise, and as a United States Senator. These days he is President and CEO of  The American Council of Life Insurers.

He’ll receive an honorary doctorate from the UI at commencement on Saturday.

I’m Glenn Mosley.

Posted May 11, 2017