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Non-Profit Impact on Idaho’s Economy

Idaho’s  charitable nonprofits have a big impact on the state’s economy, and directly employ more people in the state than several industries, including construction and wholesale trade. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley reports. (


Almost 56,000 jobs are estimated to be created by charitable non-profit organizations in Idaho, up about 6,000 in five years. The state’s charitable nonprofits are ranked 6th in Idaho, based on actual employment.

That’s according to the 2017 “Economic Impacts of Idaho’s Nonprofits,” study, commissioned by the Idaho Nonprofit Center.

University of Idaho economist and study co-author Steve Peterson says non-profits continue to have a big impact on the state’s economy:

Steve Peterson: “It’s 56,000 jobs, so the industries continue to grow. Parts of the industry were hit by the recession, but they’re starting to recover now.”

There are 7,670 nonprofits in Idaho, with revenue of $5.45 billion. The report was first issued in 2012 and has been updated several times since.

I’m Glenn Mosley.

See the report:

Posted December 5, 2017