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WSU Systems Technology Moving into 21st Century

Washington State University says a makeover of the university’s payroll, human resources and financial services systems will provide a major, and much needed, upgrade. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley reports. (:60)


Washington State University President Kirk Schulz says he enjoyed the book and movie “Ready Player One,” but when it comes to the university’s computer systems:

President Kirk Schulz: “I enjoyed “Ready Player One,” which is, I thought, a great book, and the movie was also really good, but it brought back that 70s and 80s nostalgia when I was kind of growing up and going to high school. However, it’s nostalgic to think about seeing the movie, not using the technology from that era, and that is exactly where our computer system was.”

And so WSU is underway with a three year ‘Modernization Initiative’ to move the university’s antiquated payroll, human resources and financial services into the 21st century.

The WSU Board of Regents this summer approved a $30-million software package called Workday, a cloud-based system used by higher education institutions all around the country.

University officials have said that without the upgrade, WSU would be risking a system failure because of the age of the technology now being replaced.

I’m Glenn Mosley.

Posted August 24, 2018



Ponderosa State Park Visitor Center Dedicated to Former Gov. Kempthorne

The visitor center at Ponderosa State Park in McCall has been named in honor of former Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley reports. (:59)


In dedicating the visitor center at the state park in McCall to Kempthorne on August 4, Idaho Parks and Recreation Director David Langhorst said the former governor played a huge role in Idaho’s system of thirty state parks:

David Langhorst: “If you talk to him about this, you’ll instantly see his passion for Idaho’s, and America’s, special places. For taking care of them, and for making sure that all of us, our kids and families, continue to have access to them.”

Langhorst pointed especially at an initiative called ‘Experience Idaho,” a 2005-2006 proposal to enhance the state park system. He said Kempthorne won state lawmakers over to the plan, securing $11 million dedicated to building projects like the Ponderosa State Park Visitor Center which now carries Kempthorne’s name.

The center offers access to Junior Ranger loaner backpacks, an interpretive panel on Kempthorne’s contributions, and a kiosk where visitors can share their outdoor experiences and photos using social media.

I’m Glenn Mosley.

Posted August 6, 2018