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UI Arena Seen as Example of Momentum in Mass Timber Industry

Mass timber construction is gaining momentum in the United States, as highlighted by the new sports arena being built by the University of Idaho. Idaho Public Radio’s Glenn Mosley reports. (1:07)



When U.S. Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen visited the University of Idaho in June, she highlighted the use of mass timber in the new sports arena being built on the university’s Moscow campus:

Vicki Christiansen: “The development of mass timber, or wood-engineered timber, we can use much smaller diameter wood, that’s the products that really need to be thinned from the forests, and we can create it into something economical.”

Mass timber is a term used to describe a group of wood products formed by fastening or bonding smaller wood components to form prefabricated wood elements used as beams, columns, walls, and floors in buildings.

Christiansen says this is a critical time in the mass timber industry. She says a thriving mass timber market could help reduce excess vegetation in forests,  making for safer and more resilient communities, and she says it can support rural economic development.

The market for wood and other related forest products supports more than one million jobs, many in rural America. The Forest Service says that as these markets expand, so will the economic opportunities.

I’m Glenn Mosley.

Posted August 15, 2019